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Our research process

Here at My Coffee Machine, we purpose to provide you with the best products and services by doing precise and impartial analysis on coffee equipment and accessories based on verified buyer experiences. We have collected enough information which we use to provide data-grounded evaluations of coffee equipment and accessories.

Our goal is to help you improve your coffee brewing experience. When it comes to coffee, we are your one-stop-shop for everything related to coffee, from coffee beans to coffee brewing gear. A good cup of coffee does more than just stimulate your brain. A good cup of coffee could just make your day!

We provide you with the best range of quality products at affordable prices, so you don’t have to waste your time and energy shopping around only to settle for an expensive, low-quality product.

Below, we have provided our data collection and research process. We have also included an analysis in generating product ratings.

Our data sources

When creating our precise and detailed product assessment guides, we use these general sources.

1. Product review websites

We use product assessment websites to collect our data. When doing so, we do our best to source for the best and authentic review information.

When you search for product reviews on the internet today, you’ll find lots of bogus and false review websites. Some websites can be compensated and used as campaigns by endorsing specific products or brands. We overcome this problem by avoiding such sites and relying on sites that offer neutral and unaffiliated information.

We also look into people’s posts on coffee equipment and accessories before including them in our review. We look into people’s posts to ensure they are not campaigning for the product or brand. We do this by proving they are not connected in any way to the brands or products they are posting about.

2. Discussion boards

Many customers share their experiences and analysis on discussion panels and web forums. We then take the information they provide and sort out authentic threads and validate them to ensure they are legal and related to our study.

3. Reviews on retail product pages

We use customer reviews on product pages to get the customers’ experiences and opinions of the coffee products.

We also visit the websites of the big brands that sell coffee products and read through their reviews. We evaluate each review thoroughly to ensure the comments are not sponsored. By doing this, we eliminate the chance of bias, therefore, ensuring that our reviews provide the best and most reliable information.

4. Domestic product testing

Domestic product testing seems to be gaining more popularity by the day. It involves using customers to review all categories of our coffee products then sharing their user experiences and opinions of the products.

5. Reviews submitted by users

Although they are invalid according to our business code of ethics, user experiences help us understand how the use of those brands affects them. Once we read through the customer’s reviews, we can get a general or average opinion of the product. We then use this information as a tool to validate individual posts from review websites.

Advantages of using our reviews

1. We are comprehensive

Mycoffeemachine provides full coverage for all coffee products and accessories. Our reviews cover roast beans, coffee brewing gear, brewing methods including manual and espresso brewing, and choice of coffee beans.

Coffee products vary in availability, price, and other factors. We believe in quality and uniqueness; hence we are very comprehensive in reviewing these products so that we don’t gather inadequate or unreliable information.

2. Our site is user-friendly

Searching for the best coffee brand or accessory can be a daunting process, especially for first-time shoppers. Usually, customers have specifications on what they are looking for in each product.

Everyone has different taste in the type of coffee they like or the type and functionality of coffee accessories they want. Our evaluation tool is easy to use. We provide a wide range of models and brand reviews, so you’re sure to find what you are looking for by browsing our catalog and reviews.

3. We are precise

Our data is very accurate. We ensure this by evaluating and validating every bit of information before sharing it with you.

Our research team collects enough data, which is then evaluated to provide the factors to consider when looking for the best and most affordable coffee products and accessories.

Once we are confident in the reviews collected, we evaluate the product ratings until we have sufficient data. We then compile and group this data into various categories to make reading through the reviews more user-friendly.

4. We are impartial

Impartiality is essential in providing reliable and unbiased information, and this is what we are, impartial!

We know that you rely on the information we provide, whether wholly or partially, to select the products you want to purchase. We don’t attempt to market any product by giving biased information that could result in you, our esteemed customer, choosing a product that does not meet your requirements.

We also answer any questions regarding our products at our contact center. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest reviews on coffee products so that you are always updated on the latest coffee trends and brewing methods.

How to choose the best coffee beans

1. Know your preference

The main categories of coffee beans in the market are Arabica and Robusta. Knowing the type of coffee you like goes a long way in helping you pick the best brand.

Arabica coffee grows in highlands and is known for its smooth, slightly acidic taste. Robusta, on the other hand, grows in low altitude areas and is known for its strong, bitter taste.

Arabica is generally considered to be of a higher grade. However, the grade of coffee depends on a variety of factors like the growing process and the treatment the coffee beans receive before roasting. An effective way of choosing the best coffee is by reviewing the best brands in the market.

2. Choose coffee beans based on your preferred taste

Getting that constant delicious taste in your coffee takes a bit of trial and error!

Light-colored, dry coffee beans are roasted for a shorter period. They tend to have a smooth, bitter taste with varying levels of acidity. Dark, shiny coffee beans are roasted for a more extended period. They have a strong, bold, and bitter taste when brewed and produce more coffee oils. However, it is the light-colored beans that contain the most caffeine.

3. Determine the amount of caffeine you want in your coffee

Contrary to the belief of most people, light-medium roasted coffee beans contain more caffeine than dark roasted coffee beans.

If you want to increase your caffeine intake, medium or lightly roasted beans are the ones you should go for. However, if you’re going to reduce your caffeine intake levels, then you should go for black dark roasted beans.

4. Get your beans from a respected brand

If you want to increase your chances of buying high-quality beans, you should buy beans roasted by a well known and respected brand.

But, even when you buy from the best brands, you might not get the taste you desired, but on the bright side, buying from a respected brand increases your chances of getting flawless beans to ensure you brew a decent cup of coffee every time.

5. Check the roast date

You should always go for freshly roasted coffee to ensure quality and great taste. Also, you should avoid coffee that is packed ground as it might not have gone through the best treatment process.

What are the best coffee brewing methods?

1. Using pressure

Pressure brewing results in fast extraction time and a more intense brew compared to other brewing methods.

The most common ways of pressure brewing are the use of the Moca pot, the espresso machine, and AeroSpace brewer.

2. Steeping

Steep brewing is among the oldest coffee brewing methods. It involves mixing of coffee grinds with water, allowing them to combine, and then separating them once you’ve reached your preferred concentration.

When using this method, you should be careful not to under or overstep your brew. Steeping too much gives you a bitter brew, while under steeping produces a very weak brew. On the bright side, it is pretty easy to learn to steep, and you can create any flavor you want because you get to decide the concentration of coffee in your cup.

3. The SoftBrew

Using Softbrew is very easy. All you have to do is fill the Softbrew filter with the unprocessed coffee and then add hot water. Allow the content to steep for 4-8 minutes. You can now serve your delicious coffee.

The filter has tiny holes. This means you can use any size of grinds.

• Very easy to use
• Relatively fast
• Comes in different sizes


• It is made from ceramics hence it is quite fragile

4. Using coffee bags

Coffee bags come in a small jar. This means you can take it anywhere. Ground coffee, which is not dissolvable, comes in small filter bags that you insert into your cup of hot water to brew.

It is effortless to use this brewing method, and as it does not require any expertise or experience for that matter. The major disadvantage of this brewing method is that the brew produced does not taste that good.

5. Vacuum pot

Vacuum pot is also referred to as a siphon pot. It is a combination of two brewing methods. It uses full immersion brew as in steeping and also utilizes siphon action to produce a better-tasting cup of coffee.

Some people say it produces a great-tasting cup of coffee, but on the downside, it is quite hard to brew coffee and requires tremendous effort and processes. It is not suitable for daily use as it requires a lot of time to brew, but it is an excellent way to show off your brewing skills when you have company.

6. Using filtration or dripping

It is a relatively easy coffee brewing method. It involves pouring hot water into a filter containing your ground coffee beans.

Water flows by use of gravity through the ground coffee beans absorbing their flavor and caffeine. It is then collected in a vessel placed below.
The resulting brew is light-colored, clean, and clear.

The best drippers in the market are the Vietnamese dripper, the Chemex, the Hario V60, the beehouse dripper, the cold-drip method, and the Kalita wave.

Factors to consider when choosing the best coffee brewer

1. The quantity of coffee it can brew

You should consider the number of people who drink coffee in your household and how much they drink on average.

If you live alone, then a single-serve coffee maker is right for you, but if there are several people in your household, then you should consider buying a coffee machine that can brew a pot of at least four to ten cups.

2. How you like your coffee brewed

It is essential to consider the type of coffee you want. If you prefer lattes or cappuccino, then buying a coffee brewer is not advisable as you will not enjoy the coffee you brew, you might not ever use it.

3. The cost

When we’re talking about the cost of your brewer, we advise choosing one that fits your budget. But, that does not mean that you should settle for a lower quality brewer or one that does not brew the kind of coffee you like. On the contrary, you should consider making a few compromises on brewer features so that you get a quality product that fits your budget.

You should also consider the short and long term costs of using the brewer you choose. You might get one that doesn’t cost that much but causes you to spend more money to use and maintain it. You could also find one that’s a bit expensive but saves you money in the long run.

4. Convenience

You should consider the amount of time a brewer takes to brew coffee. If you usually take long to get yourself ready or don’t like waiting in the morning, you should consider a machine that is relatively fast in brewing.

You can also consider buying a programmable coffee maker that brews coffee automatically at a set time to save you time in the morning. Programmable coffee machines cost more than regular brewers but are advantageous in that they save time.

5. Your counter size

It is essential to consider the size of your counter and the number and size of appliances it can accommodate. Some coffee brewers take up more space than others. It is crucial to consider the amount of counter space you are willing to give up to accommodate your brewer.

Benefits of owning a coffee brewer

1. Saves you the money you spend buying coffee at the shop. It is generally cheaper to brew your coffee than buying brewed coffee. You also save on the gas that you would spend on your trips to the coffee shop.

2. You can make any type of coffee you want from the comfort of your home. It also gives you a chance to experiment on coffee types, some of which you wouldn’t find at your regular coffee shop.

3. You get to fill your kitchen with that coffee aroma you love so much every morning.


Our research process is top-notch, and we ensure you get the most of your experience while browsing through our product reviews and product catalog. At My Coffee Machine, we know all about coffee and coffee accessories, and we don’t mind sharing that information with you. In fact, we want to! Browse our catalog and see what you like. You can ask us any questions through the contact information provided at the bottom left side of our home page.

Selecting the best coffee beans requires knowledge of what you want and paying attention to detail. Just reading the labels on coffee bean packages is not enough as most companies only include positive information on their labels and use language meant to attract you.

We also advise that you take the factors we have given on what you should consider when choosing your brewing method and machine into consideration. The tips provided above will not only save you the time that you would have spent searching for the best brewing methods and devices but also save you money. You will significantly reduce the chance of purchasing the wrong product then having to purchase another one.

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