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If you want to have an easy start to your mornings, you should spend time finding out which type of coffee is right for you. You might think you need to go to a gourmet coffee shop to get a good cup of coffee in the morning, but you could purchase everything you need to start off your morning with a quality cup of coffee in your kitchen at home.

It’s your lucky day because you’ve stumbled across a list of the top brands of coffee. You might wish to try a few different roasts, so we’ve provided a variety of brands that create coffee for different purposes. We’ll go over the basics behind preparing a cup of coffee in order to let you know which tools are required for each method, and we’ll discuss the difference between coffee beans as well.

Peet's Coffee Single Origin Brazil


The Original Donut Shop Keurig Single Serving K-Cup Pods


OXO on Barista Brain Coffee Maker


Why Go to a Cafe for Coffee?

There’s no reason to cause extra fuss in the morning by going to a coffee shop. You’ll have to stand in a long line to wait for a cup of coffee, and many of the coffee shops around town sell the same coffee that’s available online. They raise the price to make their businesses profitable, so you end up paying more for a cup of coffee at a coffee shop than you would pay if you made it yourself.

When you make coffee at home, you have the added benefit of making it the way that you prefer. You’ll be able to plan for the drinks that you like to make by purchasing your favorite creamers and sweeteners, so you won’t have to elbow your way through a crowded coffee shop to get another sugar packet for your coffee. Take a look at all the options that exist before you make your final purchase.

If you don’t know what type of roast you prefer, one way to do research is to sample coffee roasts at your local coffee shop. While dark roasts tend to have a lower level of acidity, many people prefer the flavor of a lighter roast. This list provides ample information to help point you in the right direction to make every morning complete.

Tops Ways to Prepare Coffee

French Press:

If you have never tried making a cup of coffee at home, the French press is a tool that is worth perfecting. You’ll be able to make about three cups of coffee with an average size French press, but the last cup might have sediments in it from the ground beans. It’s important to note that French press coffee requires coarse coffee grounds, so make sure you buy the right beans for this method.

Pour Over Method:

This method of brewing coffee at home will yield two to three cups when you use a regular size pour over kit. The pour over method will make coffee that is less acidic than other methods, and there is less sediment in pour over coffee than in the French press. However, some people find that pour over coffee has a weaker flavor than other methods.

Coffee Machines:

Coffee machines come in all shapes and sizes. Some coffee machines have a basket and filter at the top that holds the grounds, and a small pot of coffee sits underneath the heating elements. Another popular coffee machine is called a Keurig. These machines use disposable K-cups, or you could use a reusable filter to brew your own coffee grounds in a Keurig.

Top Best Coffee Brands of 2020

Types of Coffee Beans

Whole Beans:

When you buy whole coffee beans, you need to have a few other tools at your disposal. Some people prefer to buy whole bean coffee because they claim that it has a stronger flavor. There are claims that coffee beans lose their flavor when they’re grinded before packaging. The whole coffee bean is selected, roasted, and sorted. It’s prepared and packaged, but the user must do the rest of the work.

If you want to buy your coffee this way, you need to purchase the right tools to grind the beans into a usable form. If you’re still experimenting with which type of preparation you prefer, buying beans this way is a great idea. For, buying beans that are already ground will limit their use. For example, you shouldn’t use finely ground beans in a French press. Use your own grinder to get the whole beans coarsely ground for a French press.

Ground Coffee:

If you drink a lot of coffee, then you might want to make life easier by purchasing ground coffee. Ground coffee is roasted and packaged to preserve its freshness. The flavor remains intact for most ground coffee brands that are packaged in resealable containers. You will be able to use ground coffee in a pour over method, and most drip coffee makers use regular ground coffee. Alternatively, you will be able to fill a reusable K-cup with ground coffee.

Buying coffee that’s already ground might seem hasty because whole beans retain their flavor better. However, you will be saving time and energy. Ground coffee still has most of its flavor, so you will be able to make a cup of coffee in your own kitchen without putting yourself through extra work. Forgo the loud grinding of coffee beans by purchasing your coffee in ground form.

Powder and Pods:

This type of coffee is growing in popularity. Ever since the invention of the Keurig, people have been excited about purchasing individual servings of coffee. Instead of measuring out a few scoops of coffee beans for your cup, all that you need to do is pick up a single pod. Plug the pod into the machine, and you are ready to start brewing your cup of coffee.

The powder inside of the pods is a combination of coffee grounds and other ingredients. It’s also possible to add your own coffee to a reusable K-cup pod. This gives you more options to choose from, and the reusable pod is a more cost-effective measure for brewing a delicious cup of coffee.

Selecting a Brand of Coffee

While it’s important to find your favorite blend of coffee in order to have a great cup every morning, you should also check out a few other blends to have something for your guests. You might like to drink one brand in the morning, but variety is the spice of life. You will get sick of drinking the same type of coffee throughout the day, so be sure to try something new when you pick out your next supply of coffee beans.

We’ve put together a list of the top coffee brands on the market. This list was made by looking through Amazon’s top choices, and we’ve added a few that meet high standards of users, as well. For your convenience, you’ll find links to purchase each brand as you read through this guide. Get ready to wake up your senses with a new blend of coffee from a brand that coffee aficionados trust.

Top Coffee Brands on the Market

1. Peet's Coffee Single Origin Brazil

Roast Type: Peet’s Coffee comes in French roast, Colombian roast, and other blends.

Average Price: Although there are various blends and packaging sizes, a 20 ounce package of French roast costs approximately $12.

Description of Flavors: The French roast has a bold flavor with notes of caramel.



This brand received editorial recommendations on Amazon from SheKnows, a trusted critic on Amazon. Peet’s is currently featured on Amazon as an editorial selection. It has been selected as the best medium roast coffee blend on the market.

2. The Original Donut Shop Keurig Single Serving K-Cup Pods

Roast Type: This coffee is a medium roast.

Average Price: The price of purchasing Donut Shop K-Cups changes depending upon the quantity. For 72 single servings of this coffee, it costs just over $30.

Description of Flavors: This particular brand of coffee is a medium roast, but it’s advertised to be extra bold. This means that Donut Shop K-Cups have more coffee than other pods.



At the time of writing this article, the Donut Shop K-Cup is being recommended as an editor’s choice winner. It has been reviewed on Amazon by the aforementioned trusted critic named SheKnows, and it appears on the top of the list because of its flavor and price. SheKnows picked this product as the best coffee pod on the market. Additionally, Amazon Choice recommends this product to customers that search for “coffee k cups” because of its popularity among Prime members.

3. Dunkin' Donuts Original Blend Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Roast Type: This is a medium roast coffee.

Average Price: Although this coffee is sold in various sizes, one package containing 12 ounces of coffee will cost under $5.

Description of Flavors: If you love Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee, then you should buy the grounds to make it at home. The flavor is supposed to resemble Dunkin’ Donuts’ signature blend of coffee.



At the time of writing this article, this coffee brand is the most popular brand among Amazon’s customers, and Amazon is advertising Dunkin’ Donuts ground coffee as the top selling coffee on the market.

4. AmazonFresh Colombia Ground Coffee

Roast Type: AmazonFresh sells a variety of coffee blends, but this particular one is a medium roast.

Average Price: For 32 ounces of AmazonFresh, you will pay under $16.

Description of Flavors: AmazonFresh Colombia ground coffee beans have a pleasant aroma and a toasty flavor.



At the time of writing this article, Amazon is advertising this brand of coffee as their top recommendation. AmazonFresh Colombia Ground Coffee is shown by search results to be Amazon’s Choice brand of coffee.

5. Yuban Traditional Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Roast Type: This is a medium roast, and it’s advertised to have an acidic bite to it.

Average Price: This brand sells coffee at a low price point of 21 cents per ounce of grounds. A container weighing 31 ounces will cost under $7.

Description of Flavors: Using a combination of Robusta and Arabica beans, Yuban’s ground coffee features rich flavors, but the taste isn’t too strong for the average coffee lover.



Even though the beans have already been grinded, the manufacturers claim that Yuban ground coffee will work with a French press, drip coffee maker, and pour over coffee machine. These coffee grounds come in a resealable canister. It’s the perfect item for your kitchen if you’re not sure how much coffee you’ll drink in the next month. The canister will seal in the flavors of the coffee grounds. It’s also a Kosher product.

6. Kicking Horse's Kick Ass Dark Roast Whole Bean

Roast Type: This particular coffee made by Kicking Horse is a dark roast. It’s also shipped as whole coffee beans, so you will need to grind them before making coffee with your machine.

Average Price: The price of Kicking Horse depends upon the blend that you prefer. The cost for a package of whole beans will fall just shy of $10 for a container weighing 10 ounces.

Description of Flavors: This is the perfect blend to try in your machine at home if you enjoy bold flavors. The flavor pallet for these beans includes sweet, smoky, and other similar aromas. These beans have notes of chocolate and molasses.



This coffee comes from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and it is fair trade, meaning that farmers benefit from the sale of this product. Since these are whole beans, you will be able to experiment with a variety of methods to prepare the perfect cup of coffee. Some users find that this coffee is perfect for a French press, and others prefer to use it with a drip coffee maker, so you’ll need to experiment to figure out which method yields the best results.

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