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Founded by Robert Krups in 1846, the KRUPS company is based in Wald, in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany. It originally made precision industrial scales and balances. After WWII, the company diversified thanks to the postwar boom of the 1950s, which encouraged entry into the lucrative home appliance market.

In 1956 KRUPS launched a coffee grinder, followed by a multi-function mixer, the Drei Mix in 1959. This became a staple in German homes. In 1961, the company introduced a coffee machine, the ONKO, and an automated slicer. This latter was extremely popular in Germany where cheese and sausages are dietary staples.

KRUPS was able to successfully compete with established manufacturers because it brought the precision engineering and quality of its industrial line to its new household products division. While KRUPS machines can be more technically complex than their counterparts, they are also machined with great accuracy so that reliability is very high. Additionally, they focus on adding features that their competitors often lack.

By the 1970s, KRUPS was a common household name in both Germany and much of Europe. At that point, the company decided to venture more deeply into the coffee business by designing not just percolators but also espresso machines. With these, it reached a larger international audience in the 1980s. By the 1990s, there were over 3000 employees in both Germany and Ireland and in 1991 KRUPS partnered with Nestle to come up with the Nespresso machine. In 2001, following bankruptcy, KRUPS joined Groupe SEB and became a premium brand.

The KRUPS coffee makers are high-precision machines known for making fuller and more balanced brews at home. There are many models available depending on your needs.


KRUPS makes 18 different drip coffee percolators as well as 7 products geared towards making espresso drinks.

The drip percolators have options such as number of cups, adjustable coffee temperature and warm time, aroma specification and type of carafe. In some ways the options might seem confusing because there are so many, but really this is a feature as it allows the consumer to choose the product that best suits their needs. For example, two of the products allow you to set your coffee aroma. For connoisseurs of fine coffee flavor, this might be an important feature. Other options include a “bold” brew setting, for those who like a more robust flavor, as well as small brew settings for those who only want to make a few cups and only hot water settings for those who want to brew tea.

For example, the KRUPS Thermobrew programmable coffee maker allows you to choose the “bold” setting if you want a more full-bodied, robust coffee taste while the regular setting gives you the standard flavor profile. It allows you to make 12 cups or use the small batch setting if you want to make less than 4 cups. This setting will optimize for smaller sized brews. It also has a hot plate if you want to keep the coffee warm without sacrificing flavor for up to 4 hours, at which point it automatically shuts off. Not all of these options are available with all of the percolators, and some have other options, such as the aroma setting and the insulated carafe. However, for each KRUPS percolator, the brewing temperature is exactly 180F, which ensures the coffee is not burned and the essential oils in the bean are preserved.

As far as the espresso machines, The different features include whether or not the machine has a steam nozzle, whether it can be programmed to turn on, whether it can use normally ground coffee, whether it can automatically make cappuccino and how many recipes it has, whether it has an only hot water function, and whether it has an LCD or button type of interface. Again, because different machines provide different options, it makes sense to carefully think about what you want.

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Customer Reviews

Do not just take our word for it, take a look at what customers are saying:

  • Eric Bruch

    “This unit looks very clean and stylish on my countertop”

  • Big Family Gal

    “This is a great coffee maker. I had an earlier model of this brand and it was pretty thrashed. The coffee is great and the newer features are great too.”

  • Paul S. Brzozowski

    “ This is a great coffee maker and I feel like I finally came home again after three coffee makers from big manufacturers, all of which fell short. Thanks, Krups!”

  • Tommy D

    “Arrived on time. Exactly what we wanted and ordered. Looks great, makes great coffee.”

  • Chris G.

    “Makes good coffee and keeps it warm. Great cleaning cycle. Pours neatly. Very happy with this model.Has everything I was looking for:. Thermal carafe, auto-brew timer, large volume, good brew technology and a reliable name brand.”

Coffee Makers



KRUPS EC3140 Programmable Digital Coffee Maker with Stainless-steel body and LED Control Panel, 12 cups, Silver

  • 12 cup capacity
  • LCD screen is easy to read; rotating knob allows intuitive control
  • Programmable allows separate weekend and weekday settings so you can customize to guarantee fresh coffee even if you sleep in on Sundays
  • The bold setting allows a more robust flavor
  • Small batch setting for 4 cups or less
  • The hot plate will keep your coffee warm for up to 4 hours, at which point it automatically shuts off
  • Optimal brewing temperature of 180 degrees Faranheit
  • Pause function allows you to pour a cup mid-brew without spills
  • Glass carafe and gold tone filter make an elegant presentation



KRUPS ET351 Savoy Programmable Thermal Stainless-steel Filter Coffee Maker with Bold and 1-4 Cup Function, 12 Cup, Black

  • 12-cup capacity coffee maker
  • Programmable so you can wake up to hot, fresh coffee
  • LCD screen and digital clock make it easy to use
  • Pause and serve feature so you can remove the carafe and put it back
  • Thermal carafe will keep your coffee warm for up to 4 hours
  • Option to adjust brew strength if you prefer a bolder flavor
  • A 1-4 cup small batch setting allows you to make a smaller quantity without sacrificing flavor
  • Clean and descale with the touch of a button



KRUPS KM785D50 Automatic Programmable Grind and Brew Coffee Maker with Integrated Burr Grinder, Black

  • Burr grinders maximize coffee flavor
  • Having an integrated grinder gives the freshest, best tasting coffee
  • The conical grinder has 5 settings so you can choose the ideal grind for the type of beans you are using
  • Maximum 10 cup capacity and minimum 2 cup
  • Choose from 3 brew strengths – mild, medium or strong
  • Programmable auto-start so you can wake up to fresh hot coffee
  • Hot plate will keep it warm for up to 2 hours, then automatically shut off



KRUPS EC322 Thermobrew, 14 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Black

  • KRUPS special ThermoBrew technology gives exceptional coffee flavor
  • It uses a three-step brewing process to optimize flavor
  • Allows customization for those who love more robust or bold brews vs. regular
  • The pause and serve feature allows you to enjoy your first cup while brewing your next one
  • The gold tone filter is more convenient and saves you money in the long run

Espresso Makers



KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria Super Automatic Espresso Machine Coffee Maker with Built-in Conical Burr Grinder, 60 ounce, black

  • Compact size, fully automatic espresso machine
  • Water tank capacity 1.8 L
  • A burr grinder built in to capture best flavor
  • Conical grinder has several settings for the perfect grind
  • Bean hopper is large and sealed to preserve flavor
  • Intuitive control panel is user-friendly. LCD screen is easy to read and a knob allows simple operation.
  • The 15-bar pump pressure gives you maximum flavor extraction
  • Convenient automated hydraulic tamping for professional results
  • The perfect brewing temperature thanks to Thermoblock heating system
  • A 60 ounce removable water tank and steam nozzle allows you to make cappuccino.
  • The whole system is easy to clean and fully automated

krups ea89


KRUPS EA89 Deluxe One-Touch Super Automatic Espresso and Cappuccino Machine, 15 Fully Customizable Drinks, Gray

  • Fully automatic – you can brew up to 15 fully customizable drinks with the simple touch of a button.
  • These include 7 espresso drinks, 5 milk-based coffees and 3 gourmet teas
  • The built-in burr grinder allows you to adjust the grind size
  • Perfect tamping thanks to the machine’s 35 pound device
  • Customize for a bolder or regular flavor, or give yourself an extra shot of espresso with the push of a button
  • An integrated milk container is great for making lattes, cappuccinos and many other drinks
  • An intuitive interface allows you to adjust mug size



KRUPS XP344C51 Calvi Steam and Pump Compact Espresso Machine, Black
15-bar pump pressure for improved flavor extraction with no bitterness

  • Thanks to the 15-bar pressure of the hydraulic pump, there is maximum flavor extraction with no bitterness
  • The Thermoblock heating system is compact and provides rapid pre-heating. In as little as 40 seconds it is ready to brew!
  • Adjustable manual controls for best in-cup result
  • The 1L water tank is removable for easy filling
  • The steam nozzle is integrated and designed for maximum creaminess for the perfect cappuccino



KRUPS XP4600 Silver Art Collection Pump Espresso Machine with KRUPS Precise Tamp Technology and Stainless-steel Housing, Silver

  • Elegant, beautiful pump espresso machine that marries form with function
  • Made of stainless-steel, chrome and wood
  • Uses KRUPS’ patented Precise Tamp system so that tamping is uniform and flavor extraction is maximized
  • The system is programmable and has an auto-stop
  • The Thermoblock heating system provides faster pre-heating and the 15-bar pump maximizes flavor and reduces limescale
  • The nozzle is multi-direction and provides ample froth for creating cappuccinos, lattes and other delicious drinks
  • The filter is a universal holder that accommodates not just ground coffee but also E.S.E pods and soft pods.
  • The cake ejection system minimizes mess
  • Measuring spoon is included

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