Phillips Coffee Makers/Expresso Machines

One of the most innovative corporations in the world is the Phillips Company. Frankly, they are also one of the most reliable and steadfast businesses you can find. As a matter of fact, the pioneering company has been serving the needs of customers since 1891.

Brief History

The Phillips brand was launched by Frederik Philips in 1891. Mr. Phillips got his inspiration from the rapid expansion of electricity production. In addition, Frederik’s son Gerald was experimenting on ways to improve carbon filaments and making them more reliable. The fast changing industry prompted Frederik Philips to purchase a meek factory in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Mr. Phillips objective was to make reliable electric incandescent light bulbs affordable for everyone.

Within a very short time, the company became one of the biggest producers of carbon-filament lamps in Europe. Frederik Philips even had very large order s from the Tsar for the Winter Palace in Russia. By 1912, Phillips was a limited company with widely traded shares that were listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

In 1914, Phillips launched a research laboratory that became well known as the ‘NatLab’. The famous laboratory was used to boost product innovation and study the latest physical and chemical marvels.

At the later part of 2013, the Phillips Company had 59 R&D Facilities, and 111 manufacturing facilities located in 26 countries. In addition, there are sales and service operations in about 100 countries. Because the Phillips Company is so large, it is divided into three main categories – Philips Professional Healthcare (formerly Philips Medical Systems), Philips Consumer Health, and Well-being (formerly Philips Consumer Electronics and Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care).

A Name You Can Trust

Over the decades, Phillips has continually improved people’s lives and well-being. Not only does the company have a steady flow of innovative products but they continue to expand in ground breaking technology. To name a few, they even helped develop the compact disc together with the Sony Corporation. Moreover, the steadfast company has expanded in numerous technologies and inventions like the interventional X-ray system with low X-ray dose levels, coffee and espresso makers, the first television sets, radios, and electric shavers, and much more.

If you're in a Rush!


SENSEO Original XL Coffee Pod Machine


Philips Senseo HD7810/85 Coffee Maker


Saeco Xelsis SM7684/04 Super Automatic Espresso

Customer Reviews

Do not just take our word for it, take a look at what customers are saying:

  • Max Wat

    “I love the new Senseo machine! It makes such good flavorful coffee for an instant coffee maker.”

  • Kindle Customer

    “I have used a Senseo machine for the past ten years. it takes 60 seconds to make a great cup of coffee with a perfect head of creamy foam — every time! I was so thankful to see the machines once again available in the US just in time to replace my old one.”

  • OU812

    “This coffeemaker makes an awesome cup of coffee. The red color is really nice. My wife LOVES the frothy top with her coffee and cappuccino. Loved this one so much I ordered a black one for my business.”

  • Susie Mc Euin

    “Great coffee maker!”

The Best Coffee Makers & Espresso Machines

With a name you can trust, you can be assured that Phillips produces one of the best coffee makers and espresso machines on the market. In fact, their kitchen appliances are top of the line and built to last.

Top Coffee Makers & Espresso Machines

SENSEO Original XL Coffee Pod Machine, Coffee Maker, Espresso Machine for Senseo Coffee Pods, 2018 Edition HD7810/65



  • Option to brew two delicious cups at a time
  • Coffee spout adjusts to fit your favorite mug or cup
  • Features Crema Plus for smooth and velvety crema layer
  • Select short and strong or long and smooth for a perfect cup every time


  • Fits shorter cups and not tall ones
  • The pods may be hard to find at a local grocer

Philips Senseo HD7810/85 Coffee Maker

This coffee maker has an advanced brewing system that offers the finest flavor and aroma. Each cup is freshly brewed so that you can enjoy a rich, smooth flavor that is topped with a silky crema layer. The Philips Senseo HD7810/85 features a robust 1450W boiler that can produce 1 or 2 cups of coffee in a minute or less. It is specially designed for Senseo offering a wide variety of tastes.



  • Makes a smooth and strong brew
  • Has a sleek modern design for your kitchen
  • Creates a wonderful European style cup of coffee
  • Can make 1 or 2 cups of coffee in less than a minute

Saeco Xelsis SM7684/04 Super Automatic Espresso Machine, Titanium Metal Front

The Saeco Xelsis is one of the moist classiest and innovative espresso machines on the market. The super automatic machine is modeled after Italian craftsmanship using high quality materials. With a progressive display you can make 15 different coffee drinks with one touch of a button. The innovative machine offers true indulgence at its finest.



  • 15 different coffee options
  • Easy personalized settings with one touch of a button
  • Coffee Equalizer feature for the ideal temperature, volume, strength and taste
  • Premium programming allows you to program everything including milk and espresso volume
  • Advanced ergonomics – front-access water tank, adjustable spouts, and a scratch-resilient drip tray


  • Higher priced
  • Some consumers claim that the temperature does not get real hot

Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine w/ LatteGo

Whether you favor espresso or a frothy milk beverage, this machine offers it all. The easy to use features allow you to create coffee, espresso, macchiato, and lattes with the touch of a button. What is more, LatteGo produces velvety smooth froth that is easy to set up and can be cleaned in less than a minute. In addition, the machine has a 12-step grinder adjustment so you can produce the perfect cup every time.



  • Enjoy 5 coffees with a touch of a button
  • 12-step grinder adjustment for coarse to ultra-fine grinding
  • Features a durable ceramic grinder that can make at least 20.000 cups
  • High speed LatteGo system that makes a velvety smooth layer of milk froth
  • Aroma Extract system for the perfect temperature extraction between 90 and 98°C


  • The size is a little bigger than most machines
  • The directions on how to set it up can be challenging – Youtube video can be very helpful


No matter which coffee maker or espresso machine you choose, you can be assured that it will be a durable and high quality appliance. With state-of-the-art features and sleek designs, Phillips coffee makers and espresso machines deliver the perfect cup of coffee every time.

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