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Top Seven Coffee Scales

If you want an exceptional cup of coffee, you should invest in a coffee scale. A coffee scale gives you consistency, which is the key behind great coffee. Many people will spend hundreds of dollars on a variety of brewing methods and coffee grinders, but never consider how to measure the coffee beans.

When you use the plastic scoop that comes with a coffee maker or can of coffee, you do not have the opportunity to experiment with different water to coffee ratio. However, if you use a coffee scale, you can accurately experiment to find the perfect ratio.

A wide array of coffee scales is available, which can be extremely overwhelming and confusing. Do not worry. With this guide, you will know what to look for when purchasing a coffee scale. This article will also give you an overview of the best coffee scales on the market today.

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

Ozeri touch

Hario VST-2000B

Hario vst

Etekcity Food Digital Kitchen Scale

Etekcity food

Should You Use a Coffee Scale?

One of the best ways to change the flavor of coffee is to change the coffee to water ratio. When using the standard 1:15 ratio of coffee to water, specific coffee beans and brew methods will create a great cup of coffee while others need a different approach.

To hit the ideal ratio for any method or bean, you must be able to measure the beans and water. Most machines come with a volume measurement instrument; however, it is almost impossible to be accurate unless a scale is used.

You may be saying that a tablespoon of coffee is a tablespoon of coffee. However, different beans and different types of roasts produce beans that have different densities. So, even though the beans may have the same volume, the mass of the beans can be different.

If you use a scale, you will know exactly how much coffee you are using. This fact allows you to be consistent when you identify the exact ratio of the perfect cup of coffee. The only way to measure the mass of a coffee bean is by using a scale.

Choosing a Scale

Now that you know why you need a scale, it is time to figure out how to choose one. Overall, a coffee scale seems to be a pretty basic item to purchase. However, the variety of different features available needs to be investigated to ensure you get one that matches your style. These features include size, battery life, style, precision, and other features.


Coffee scales can be found in a wide variety of different sizes. You can get one that is the size of your smartphone if you want a smaller one. However, you can also get one the size of a notebook if you prefer a larger one. It may seem like size does not matter, but it should be considered.

If you purchase a larger scale and you travel a lot, this scale may be forgotten at home. A smaller scale is more convenient for a traveling lifestyle. However, a larger scale is more convenient when placed in the same location day after day.

Battery Life

Some scales have an auto-off feature to save battery life. This feature can cause frustration when you make pour-over coffee. However, if you brew only occasionally at home, this feature can probably be overlooked.

If you are a brewmaster at home, you may want to choose a scale with the best battery life. Another option for those individuals who brew coffee consistently is a coffee scale that plugs in. This option removes the worry of dead batteries when you want a cup of coffee.


This feature is based on the individual’s preference and may not be a factor for some people. If you are looking for a coffee scale that gets the job done, style can be overlooked. However, if you are looking for a matching piece for your kitchen, you will definitely want to consider the choices of style. Some scales appear more practical, but you can find units that are pieces of art.


Almost any scale you purchase will be accurate. However, a variety of scales will not measure anything less than one gram, which means you have to measure in whole grams. You can never measure 7.25 grams. This fact may be an issue if your favorite cup of coffee requires precisely 6.24 grams. However, most of the time, you will measure full grams or ounces so that this feature will be irrelevant.

Other Features

Various manufacturers of coffee scales offer additional features. These features include built-in timers and no automatic off. One feature worth having maybe the scale with touch-sensitive controls. These types of controls eliminate coffee grounds getting into the sides of the buttons and causing issues.

Our Top Recommendations for Coffee Scale in 2020

Product Review Guide

1. Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

This Ozeri Touch Scale is equipped with sensitive buttons, tempered glass surface, and GFX sensors to make it one of the most progressive scales on this list. The tempered glass surface is four times more resistant to cracks and damage than the typical glass. This tempered glass was chosen not only for its durability but also for the elegant reflective black surface. With the four high-precision sensors connected to this tempered glass, you will always get superior accuracy and fast response times.

With this amount of technology, you might expect a large and unsightly scale. However, the manufacturers of this kitchen scale combined all of this technology into a sleek, thin model, which can be a beautiful showpiece in any kitchen design. Being one of the lightest kitchen scales available, this Ozeri is easily transported to the most convenient location. With the accuracy of this scale, you can also use it for a variety of items besides just weighing coffee.

A unique feature of this coffee scale is the automatic Tare button. When you place a bowl, tray, or plate on the scale with whatever is weighed, this button will automatically provide the net weight of the ingredients by subtracting the weight of the container. You can weigh any item from 0.05 ounces to twelve pounds. You can use the metric system or the US measuring system. The LCD light on the large screen is an excellent option for those who need an enhanced viewing angle.

This scale also has low battery and overload indicators lights to reduce confusion when weighing items on the heavier side. The Ozeri requires two Lithium batteries, which can be more expensive than AAA batteries. However, these Lithium batteries do have a longer life span than AAA. With the auto-shutoff after two minutes feature, battery life should not be an issue.

Ozeri touch


  • Stylish design
  • Compact and small
  • Tempered glass and touch-sensitive buttons easy to clean
  • Durable


  • Auto-off feature
  • Requires Lithium 3V batteries

2. Hario VST-2000B

You may have heard the Hario name before if you enjoy an excellent cup of coffee. This name is famous due to the manufacturer’s creation of a unique pour-over brewer named the V60. However, this company has also designed one of the first scales made, especially for coffee, and is perfect for craft coffee. With a minimalistic function and design, it makes an ideal addition to any kitchen. The given – measurements of this scale are incredibly accurate with a +/- 0.2 g margin of error up to 200 grams.

If you are using this scale in pour-overs or any time-sensitive brewing method, the built-in timer located on the side of the unit is an excellent addition to a basic scale model. Instead of Lithium batteries, this device requires two AAA batteries. These batteries have less of a life span, but they are less expensive than Lithium. This unit is also equipped with an auto-shutoff feature, which will turn the device off after five minutes to save battery power. If you are using the built-in timer, the scale will not automatically turn off until you turn it off. The touch-sensitive buttons also make this scale easy to clean.

One drawback of this Hario VST-2000B is it is not waterproof. This fact means you have to be careful when using it for pour-overs. If the scale continuous to get wet, it will begin to malfunction. When adding beans, you will want to do it slowly to ensure you do not add too many grounds. This scale is accurate, but it has a slower response time than some of the others on the list. However, this issue is common when it comes to scales that are more precise than fast.

Hario vst


  • Timer
  • Longer auto-shutoff period
  • Longer auto-shutoff period
  • Minimalist design


  • Measures only in grams
  • More expensive than others on the list
  • Not waterproof

3. Etekcity Food Digital Kitchen Scale

This budget option only offers the basics, but it is still an excellent choice. The square design of this kitchen scale can add a little bit of flair to your countertop. Even though it is minimalistic, the Etekcity is accurate within 0.1 grams. Since this scale was designed to be primarily a kitchen scale, it is much larger than others on this list. This fact comes with advantages and disadvantages depending on a variety of situations, such as the size of your kitchen or the size of your brewing machine.

The Etekcity Food Digital Kitchen Scale is incredibly versatile since it offers a variety of weighing units such as grams, pounds, milliliters, and ounces. It even has a separate moke to allow you to measure liquid volume. The LCD backlit display allows you to read the numbers anytime day or night easily. This unit takes two AAA batteries, which are included in the package. The tare function of this scale enables you to subtract the weight of the holding container from the weight of the ingredient to determine net weight without weighing the holding container.

The low battery indicator on this scale will give you plenty of time before the scale quits working. With the stainless steel design of this scale, you will find it extremely easy to clean, and it also makes it durable. The buttons are even laminated to help ensure a long life span for this scale. If you love to portion your meals as well as to measure your coffee, this scale is the perfect companion for both.

Etekcity food


  • Stainless steel
  • Small and compact
  • Affordable
  • AAA batteries included


  • May not be accurate with tiny weights
  • Not really portable

4. Cozy Blue Digital Coffee Scale

If you love coffee and like to brew your own cup, this scale is the perfect addition to your brewing tool kit. It can handle pour-over, French press, espresso, and any other type of coffee that requires precision measurements and times. With the design of this multi-purpose scale, you can easily get a perfect cup of coffee every time. The first feature of this scale is the ability to change measurement units by turning a switch. It can measure effectively in a variety of measurements, including milliliters, pounds, grams, and ounces. This scale also is equipped with a separate mode to weigh milk volume and water volume.

As with some of the other scales on this list, the Cozy Blue scale has a tare function. You can weigh smaller liquids and solids in a container without weighing the container. This feature is excellent when you measure coffee because you can use the scoop included with the coffee machine. The Cozy Blue comes with an LCD display. This display is crystal clear, making it easy to read in full light or dim light.

One of the unique features of this scale is the high-precision strain gauge sensor. This sensor guarantees that you will get an accuracy of 0.1 g. With this type of accuracy, you can make a fabulous cup of coffee without stress. With the thermal insulation mat included with this scale, you can prevent coffee pots from slipping off during weighing. This mat will also help to avoid scratching your countertop or table and eliminate tray burns. With the compact design of this scale, it can be stored in various small areas.

Cozy blue


  • Quick unit conversion
  • Tare function
  • Laminated buttons
  • Upgraded sensors


  • May not be completely water-resistant
  • Slower response time

5. ProScale XC-2000 Extreme Capacity Digital Scale

If you are a traveler or enjoy a home espresso, this scale makes a fabulous option. It has a retractable control panel and is only 4.5 by 3.5 inches. It is also lightweight making it the perfect travel companion. You can weigh beans in increments of 0.1 grams up to 2000 grams. This sensitivity means you could weigh a single coffee bean on this scale. With this type of accuracy, the response time is slower with this scale than others on this list. When you weigh a 264-gram cup, the response time is around two seconds. The ProScale comes equipped with a 30-second auto-off function, which cannot be turned off.

This feature can become frustrating when weighing certain items, but it is an excellent feature to prolong the life of the two required AAA batteries. You can also tap the brewer or scale during the pre-infusion process to help avoid the scale turning off. The XC-2000 is one of the most versatile scales on this list because it can weigh in grams, pounds, ounces, grains, carats, troy ounces, and pennyweight. One drawback of this scale is it is not waterproof. Some users believe the design appears to catch liquids falling off of the platform. However, the price is affordable, and the other features may out way this issue.

If you use a Chemex brewer, you may decide this scale is much more suited for a single-cup drip brewer similar to an AeroPress. The larger brewers tend to hide the control panel. Sometimes the large brewers also tend to slide off the back of the scale. However, if you like to backpack or travel, this scale is an excellent option due to its compact design.

proscale xc


  • Pop-out control panel
  • Compact
  • Excellent sensitive


  • Auto-off cannot be disabled
  • Not water proof

6. ERAVSOW Coffee Scale with Timer

The price of the ERAVSOW is comparable to every other scale on this list. It has an accuracy of within 0.1 gram, which makes it an excellent addition to your kitchen toolbox. With a built-in timer and weighing option, this scale has two modes for a variety of applications. It has three buttons, which include a unit button, a tare and power button, and the start and stop timer button. Unlike some of the other scales, this one has an orange backlight. This color of backlight makes the LCD easier to read in dim lighting. On this LCD, you will find a low battery indicator, which lets you know it is time to replace the two AAA batteries.

ERAVSOW designed this scale with a large circular surface, which makes it stand out in the crowd of coffee scales. This round surface is made from stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean and durable. This style of scale can become a bright and textured landscape in your kitchen area. The included silicone mat is useful when making drip coffee. It effectively eliminates the possibility of the coffee pot slipping off the edge of the scale. It also protects the stainless steel scale tray from spilled liquids and burning.

Eravsow coffee


  • Large display
  • Built-in timer
  • Durable


  • Larger
  • Only measures in grams and ounces

7. CoastLine Digital Pro Pocket Kitchen Scale

If you love the pour-over as your brewing method, this scale is perfect for you. The CoastLine Digital Pro Pocket Kitchen Scale is the most compact scale on this list. It is the size of an iPhone with a broader base measuring four by five by ¾ inches. You can easily take this scale anywhere you go carrying it in your front jean pocket. This scale is made with high-quality materials. The platform is constructed out of stainless steel, making it easy to clean. This material makes the scale sleek and visually appealing. Stainless steel also ensures the scale is durable when items are dropped onto it making it built to last. This style also will complement a variety of kitchen settings.

The display of the scale is easy to read, even though the scale is small. It has a vibrant blue backlit LCD screen. This screen can be read in bright or dim light easily. The screen will display both standard or metric measurements. The measurements can be done in 0.1 grams or 0.01 ounces increments. This versatile measuring allows you to get precise, accurate measurements for your coffee grounds or beans.

This scale is excellent for the pour-over brewing method, including Clever, French press, Chemex, and other coffee makers. Even though this scale was designed for coffee, it can be used for a variety of different situations also. If you need to weigh jewelry, it is an ideal option because of its size. It also would be excellent for weighing packages for postage purposes.

Coastline digital


  • Size makes it easy to transport
  • Affordable
  • Stainless steel
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean


  • Utilitarian style
  • Too small for larger brewers

Best of the Best

Even though this list has the top seven coffee scales, the ProScale XC-2000 is the leader of the pack. This scale’s pop-out control panel is an excellent addition to any scale. With the capability of weighing in increments of 0.1g, you are sure to get the most accurate mass weighing possible.

This scale’s sensitivity is one of the best on this list. It is so sensitive; you can weigh one single coffee bean. This scale has style and convenience being able to fit on most espresso and coffee machine drip trays.

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