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The origin of the coffee bean dates back to the 15th century, with its earliest reports harkening out of Ethiopia. Fast forward to the 16th century when an appreciation for the robust brew made its way to America. Now, the world over consumers can’t get enough of coffee and coffee-related products. Last year alone, Americans consumed 26.5 million 60 kg bags of coffee, with 64% drinking at least one cup per day. Here at MyCoffeeMachine.com, we address all things coffee with honest and inciteful reviews.

About MyCoffeeMachine.com

Our mission is to unbiasedly provide the coffee consumer with the most up-to-date information on coffee beans, machines, methods, and gadgets. To round out our website, we offer the best coffee brewing systems at competitive prices. Our all-inclusive site makes MyCoffeeMachine.com the only online place you’ll need to get the best coffee brewing system to achieve that elusive ultimate cup of coffee at home.

Our Values

For some, coffee isn’t just a hot drink with a jolt; it has become a ritual. From bean to cup, our staff educates the true java lover on how to get to the perfect cup no matter the situation. The preferences are just as infinite as the options; thus, we have our work cut out for us, and we take it seriously. The MyCoffeeMachine.com team contains knowledgeable, passionate coffee enthusiasts that guide consumers in their endeavor to make a perfect cup of joe. MyCoffeeMachine.com doesn’t back any specific brands, so our reviews are honest, objective, and impartial. We also have a forum for any questions a budding barista might have, in simple easy to understand terms.

Selecting Your Coffee

Coffee comes in a dizzying array of varieties. Knowing what you expect from your daily fuel goes a long way to help you decide which to buy. The first point to consider is purchasing coffee in bean form, then grinding it, allowing your brew to start life in its best form. Although grinding by the serving size is the best way to achieve the freshest cup, you can always have it ground in-store. Next, the bean is breakdown lies in two categories, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is central to high altitudes, which produces a smooth, mildly acidic taste, while Robusta grows in low altitudes and retains a hearty, bitter piquancy. Two further essential points to consider are, darker beans do not equate to a higher level of caffeine and stay away from mindless labeling that does not depict what’s inside.

Selecting Your Brew Method and Machine

The best way to choose a brewing method and vessel is based on your coffee habits and should be determined by looking at your essential needs. No time to grind beans for every cup? Do you drink coffee frequently throughout the day or have a large family? A drip coffee maker that contains a special storage section for beans and one-button grinding is an excellent option for a big bustling family. Another preference is the single-serve pod brewing method, which is a premeasured container that’s popped into a machine and churns out perfect cup after perfect cup. If you have the time and prefer your coffee to take on a jet fuel like quality, the french press or percolator method retains the coffee in hot water longer, creating a higher caffeine level.

Selecting Your Accessories

To some, the procedure of brewing coffee is just as enjoyable as the act of consuming it, leading to accessories that are both necessary and frivolous. Incorporating useful gadgets should make the brewing process more efficient and fun, thus steer clear of the cutesy useless accessories that don’t do much but look great on the countertop. Funny cups and wall art that refers to coffee are amusing, but they don’t contribute to making a phenomenal cup of java. If you are just starting out building a professional coffee bar at home, pay attention to your essentials first. An excellent place to start following the purchase of your coffee maker is measuring spoons, sealed coffee storage containers, accessory organizers, practical thermal cups, simple brewing guides, and a professional style grinder if your machine doesn’t contain one. Sticking with the basics at first will save time and money in the long run.

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