Best Pour Over Coffee Kettles and Other Great Items for Making Coffee

Why You Need to Find the Best Pour Over Kettle

Making coffee is an art that many people attempt to master, but only a few are committed enough to figure out how to make the perfect cup. If you enjoy drinking coffee, you’re probably spending a lot of money at cafes in your neighborhood. You’re wasting time standing in long lines to get a cup of the good stuff when you could be learning to make it on your own in the comforts of your own home.

In addition to saving time by making your pour over coffee at home, you’ll gain something else by learning about these techniques. By researching what kettle to buy for a pour over coffee, you’re learning more about what types of beans to use in the coffee, so you will gain a respect for the beverage that coffee shop regulars would never understand.

Some of you reading this article might be interested in researching techniques to make coffee at your own cafe. If you’re looking for ways to make coffee for paying customers, this information will help you find all the tools you need. Although you might think that businesses require special industrial size machines to make coffee, the pour over kettles mentioned in this article are perfect additions to a large espresso machine. Even if only a few customers order pour over coffee at your shop, you’ll have the option to rely upon as a back up in the scenario that your espresso machine fails to work to its full potential.

Although there are plenty of ways to make coffee, making a pour over from a kettle is something that many of your guests will desire. In addition to providing a great cup in the morning to go with your newspaper, you’ll have the ability to make the perfect pour over for any guest that stops by for a cup.

V60 Buono Stainless Steel Kettle by Hario

buono by Hario

Ovalware Gooseneck Spout Kettle

Ovalware pour over

Fellow Stag EKG 1200 Watt Kettle

fellow stag

Trying Various Ways of Making Coffee

It’s important for you to understand the difference between the various ways of making coffee in order to appreciate the distinct process that’s involved in making a pour over. We’ve provided the following descriptions to give you an idea of what other types of coffee making techniques exist because we’ll be referencing these techniques throughout this article.

  • French Press:This is one of the more popular ways for people to make coffee at home. A French press is a glass cylinder with a circular piece that acts as a filter for coffee grounds. In order to make coffee in a French press, you put hot water into the cylinder, add coffee grounds, stir the grounds with a spoon, and let them sit for a few minutes. After a few minutes, push the filter down to complete the process.In addition to being a popular item in households, some coffee shops use a French press as well. Although some people prefer the taste of coffee made with a French press, opponents of the French press claim that its yield is too acidic. If you’re someone who criticizes coffee from a French press, you might like the taste of coffee from a pour over kettle.
  • Instant Coffee:Although some people don’t mind the taste of instant coffee, this type of coffee gets a bad reputation in the industry. The main reason that some people enjoy instant coffee is because of the convenience factor, but making coffee with a pour over kettle is simple, so it’s worth taking an extra step for delicious coffee.Instant coffee brands will often incorporate chemicals, artificial flavors, and preservatives into their blends. Instant coffee has to sit for a long time on a shelf. You might be able to tolerate a cup of instant coffee if you don’t have the option, such as being on a camping trip. However, you really should try a better way to make coffee.
  • Espresso Maker:Now, we’re talking. Espresso makers are a staple in most coffee shops because customers tend to order drinks that require a shot or two of espresso. Espresso drinks require a different process to grind the beans into a fine powder, and you need to press the grounds firmly in order to use them in the high pressure machinery.If you’ve never used an espresso machine before, it might take some time to get used to it. However, learning how to use an espresso machine will open your world to an entirely new list of drinks to make for yourself and your guests. Although the espresso machines in coffee shops tend to be large industrial pieces of equipment, there are several options for purchasing a small espresso maker to craft drinks at home.
  • Coffee Machines:The coffee machine is definitely a step up from drinking instant coffee, but some people will turn their noses up to drinking a coffee made with a coffee machine. There are several different types of coffee machines on the market. The most common type used to be the kind with the glass pot and coffee filter, but more people are using Keurig machines these days. Although there are plenty of flavor options to choose from, coffee pods don’t compare to what you can make with a pour over kettle.

What Is a Pour Over Kettle?

In order to understand what makes a good pour over kettle, you first need to understand the basics about making coffee with the pour over method. If you have ever made coffee by pouring hot water into a filtration device, you have the general idea. However, mastering the pour over takes a certain degree of skill. If you pour the water too fast, you’ll burn the coffee, and the filter will overflow. However, a good pour over kettle will help prevent this from happening. A good kettle will give you the control that you need to make the perfect cup of coffee with this method.

A pour over kettle is also called a gooseneck kettle because of the long spout that is traditionally found on this type of kettle. The reason that you need a long spout on the kettle to make a pour over is because you need to control where the water is going with a certain degree of accuracy. If you try making a pour over with a standard kettle, you might have trouble controlling the direction of the water.

A good pour over kettle should also have some rubber safety grips to keep your hands from getting burned by hot water. The temperature of the kettle and the temperature of the water inside are dangerous to your skin, so you need to be sure that you purchase a kettle that has been thoughtfully designed to prevent injuries from burns.

The kettles in this review have been tested, and users have reported positive results. If you try to save a few dollars by purchasing an inferior product, you might end up getting burned.

In addition to purchasing a pour over kettle that’s thoughtfully designed, you should also think about whether the kettle is aesthetically appealing. Does it match the look of your kitchen or cafe? A sleek, stainless steel pour over kettle will go well with most kitchens. Inferior products look like junk. Even if they perform adequately, they’ll look like an eyesore on your countertop. If you spend money on something that looks like a piece of junk, you’ll be less likely to use it. Therefore, it will waste space on your counter, and it will waste money from your wallet as well.

What Makes Pour Over Stand out to Coffee Lovers?

Coffee lovers are incredibly particular about the types of beverages they prefer. You’d never see a coffee aficionado drinking instant coffee. Some coffee snobs even go to the great lengths of bringing a miniature French press on camping trips. Although you don’t necessarily have to take advice from the elitists that make their opinions known in coffee shops throughout the world, you should listen to why people prefer pour over coffee.

It’s easy to make pour over coffee. It doesn’t require much preparation. You’ll need to grind your coffee beans in advance. If you are lazy, you could buy your beans already ground. That’s one less step you need to take in the morning. However, you need to realize that whole beans will produce fresher results. After you try freshly ground beans, you might be surprised to find the stale coffee grounds in your cabinet start to taste like sawdust.

In general, people like the pour over method because it requires few tools to make a good cup of coffee. Also, the taste of pour over is superb. Instead of drinking a tangy, bitter, acidic coffee from the French press, you should try the pour over method to see what you’ve been missing. If you haven’t already tried pour over coffee, it might be worth trying a cup at a cafe before you make the purchase of your own gooseneck kettle. However, if you’re ready to buy your own pour over kettle, take a look at the list we’ve put together in the next section.

Our Top Recommendations for Pour Over Kettles in 2020

This list of our top recommendations for a new pour over kettle is in no particular order, so you should check out the details about each product in the descriptions below our list.

Each of these products is great for the purpose of making a cup of coffee in your home or coffee shop, but each kettle in this review has its own unique appearance and features. Additionally, we’ve made things easier for you by including a link for where to purchase each kettle on Amazon, so feel free to take a look at each item’s description on Amazon before making your final decision.

Product Review Guide for Pour Over Kettles

1. V60 Buono Stainless Steel Kettle by Hario

About This Product:

Hario has crafted a wonderful product to make your dreams of having a good pour over become a reality. In addition to offering multiple types of pour over kettles, Hario’s products are available at a reasonable price. This stainless steel kettle is available in a few different sizes, and there’s a model that plugs into an outlet as well.

buono by Hario


  • Sleek Appearance: The Hario design is remarkable, and Hario is a well-known brand of appliance to have on your counter. Stainless steel matches with most other kitchen appliances, and it’s easy to keep the metal clean.
  • Reasonable Price: Since many of the top selling pour over kettles are quite pricey, it’s refreshing to see a product that is affordable for most people. You’ll be able to spend more money on finding the best beans to match your budget.
  • Several Variations: Hario’s kettle comes in a few variations, so it’s perfect for mostly any scenario. If you don’t have much room on your stove, you could go with the electric model that heats water on its own element.


  • Reports of Low Quality: Some complaints about this product involve the quality of materials used in its construction. Although it is highly rated on Amazon, some people have complained about the material being flimsy. One user even commented about the kettle overheating. While these reviews might be due to negligence on the part of the user, it’s worth noting that you will need to keep a close eye on this kettle while it’s in use.

2. Ovalware Gooseneck Spout Kettle

About This Product:

Versatility and cleanliness are the main reasons why the Ovalware gooseneck makes it onto our list of top pour over kettles. The bottom of the kettle is seamless to make it easier to clean. Compare it to other kettles of the same type that have a seam running along the bottom. This kettle is perfect for your stovetop, but it will work great on any other heating device as well. Take it along on a camping trip if you want to impress your friends with your coffee brewing skills.

Ovalware pour over


  • Seamless Design: The overall appearance of this gooseneck kettle is appealing. It’s built using a durable stainless steel, so it will last a long time. It won’t split along the seams like other kettles, and the seamless bottom makes it easier to clean after each use.
  • Low Price for Precision: When you make pour over coffee for your guests, you need a kettle that will give you a precise pour on every occasion. If you try to use a regular kettle for this job, you will notice some uneven distribution within the coffee that will lead to poor taste. The gooseneck kettle that is made by Ovalware has a long spout for a precise pour, and it sells for an affordable price.
  • Customer Service: It’s surprising to see a great product at a low price that comes with such great customer service. The folks at Ovalware will issue a full refund if you’re unhappy with your purchase, so you have 90 days to consider whether this product holds up to the standards that you demand.


  • No Bonus Features: Although there is an option to purchase an additional thermometer, the standard kettle from Ovalware doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles that other kettles feature.

3. Fellow Stag EKG 1200 Watt Kettle

About This Product:

If you’re confident that buying a pour over kettle will make your life easier, the 1200 watt kettle that’s made by Fellow is a great purchase. It comes in several colors, and it has some amazing features. This kettle has been part of coffee brewing contests, so the manufacturers have perfected the mechanisms that help you make a good pour over coffee.

fellow stag


  • Several Styles: It’s one thing to make a good cup of coffee, but you have to look at the kettle when it’s not in use. If you care about the way your counter looks, buying the Fellow Stag is a good decision.
  • Brewing Temperature and Timer: The amazing features on the kettle make life easier for the barista in control. This kettle tells you how hot the water is, and it comes with a built-in timer to help accurately prepare every cup.


  • High Price: The price point of this kettle is higher than many consumers are willing to pay. However, the design and features make it appealing to every serious coffee lover.

4. Brewista Smart Pour Variable Temperature Kettle

About This Product:

Brewista’s pour over kettle comes in three styles, so you get to choose which type of spout will meet your needs. This kettle has controls to allow for precise brewing temperatures, and it has an automatic setting. To make things easier, Brewista also has presets to help you find the perfect brewing temperature for your beverage.

brewista smart


  • Different Spout Styles: Many of the other gooseneck kettles on the market have the same type of spout, so it’s nice to see a company come out with a different design. They offer one style that is similar to other pour over kettles, but the “cupping” style is something that appears to be unique to this brand.
  • Good Safety Features: When you use a kettle that relies upon a heating element, you need to be sure that it will heat up and cool down properly. This kettle heats up to a precise temperature, and the heating mechanism is designed to stop working when the boiling temperature is reached. It’s a safety feature that the user may disable if they need water to reach a higher temperature. The kettle also turns off after it has been inactive for longer than one hour.
  • Reach Boiling Easily: Although this kettle has controls that allow the user to set the temperature themselves, it also has a feature that makes the kettle heat up to a boil without any other configurations. You’ll be able to get your water hot without going through a lot of trouble pressing buttons.


  • Expensive: Although the price of this kettle is higher than most of the other kettles on this list, Brewista’s kettle is designed to look great and make your life easier.

5. Coffee Gator Professional Pour Over Kettle for Stovetops

About This Product:

The Gator kettle is a great product to consider for your home or cafe because it is affordable, and it has some spectacular features. The gooseneck spout on this product is perfect for making a great pour over coffee, and it has a built-in thermometer to help you get the water temperature right every time.

Gator professional


  • Know the Temperature Before You Pour: If you’re someone that likes to read reviews before you buy a product, then you probably want to know the temperature of the water before you pour it into a coffee strainer or teacup.
  • Lid Makes It Easy to Fill: It can be a pain to add water to inferior kettles. Inferior kettles have lids that need to be mangled to get them to stay in place. You won’t have trouble adding water to the Gator because its lid is built for speeding filling. Simply flip open the lid using your thumb.
  • Safety for Your Fingers: It’s one thing to make a steaming hot cup of coffee to calm your nerves, but you’ll be quite upset if you burn your skin in the process. The Gator is thoughtfully designed to keep your hands and fingers safe from hot steam. The steam vents direct hot air away from your hand. This kettle also has rubber on the handle and lid to keep you from needing to rely upon an oven mitt.


  • Rust and Melting Plastic: Be sure to keep this kettle dry when it’s not in use. Some users have complained about rust appearing on the bottom of the kettle. Another user may have left the kettle on too long because they reported melting plastic around the handle. If you want your kettle to last a long time, use it responsibly.

Best Products for Your Home or Coffee Shop

In addition to helping you select the best pour over kettle, we’ve put together this little list of other essential items that you’ll need to make your pour over experience more complete. Whether you’re running a shop or making coffee at home, you won’t get far without purchasing these essential items.

  • Filtration Device:In order to make a perfect cup of coffee with the pour over method, you’re going to need to find a quality filtration device. If you plan to make more than a few cups of pour over, then you should stay away from plastic funnels. A stainless steel funnel will help hold the filter in place, and it will last a lot longer than those cheap plastic funnels.
  • Paper Filters:In addition to buying a quality filtration device, you need to invest in paper filters. The filtration device won’t perform well on its own. Although you could make coffee without a paper filter, the product that you’ll get will have sediments in it. Invest in a large pack of quality coffee filters before you make your first cup.
  • Glass Container:While any glass container will work, you should find one that supports the stainless steel funnel. The filtration device will be hot when you pour the water, so you don’t want to have to hold it with your bare hands. You may be able to use a French press to hold the filter, or you could purchase a container that’s made for this purpose.

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