MegApple Premium Portable Electric Coffee Burr Grinder/Maker


This product is battery-operated, offers adjustable coarseness, comes with a USB charger and a stainless steel cup. It is advertised as being the ideal choice for outdoor, home and office use. Here’s a closer look at the MegApple’s key benefits, features, specs and reasons you might want to purchase it:

Benefits of the MegApple Grinder

This lightweight grinder-and-brewer-in-one is a cleverly designed little device that takes the hassle out of making a quick cup of high-quality coffee no matter what level of grind you desire. It’s easy to clean, store and use. The rechargeable battery means you’ll never have to worry about clunky cords and electrical outlets.

MegApple Grinder: Features, Specs and What You Get

This simple, compact and powerful coffee grinder offers a nice lineup of features and arrives with a complete package of accessories. After grinding, you simply pour hot water over the freshly ground beans in the filter and hot coffee flows directly into the cup on the bottom of the device.


  • The unique aspect of this appliance is that it grinds and brews. You don’t need to remove the ground coffee and place it into another device because the grounds automatically fall directly into the included filter. You simply add water and then drink your finished product from the bottom chamber, which is a cup.
  • The grinding burr is made from high-quality ceramic material and grinds in any coarseness you need.
  • You get fresh coffee in a very short amount of time with none of the hassles and messes that usually come with grinding fresh beans and making drinkable coffee.
  • All materials have pass CFR and FDA testing.
  • The unit is lightweight, sleek, portable and easy to store or carry along anywhere.
  • You can remove the burr, cup and filter for quick, convenient cleaning.
  • The appliance delivers supremely fresh and flavorful coffee.
  • Shipment is of U.S. origin and arrives in 2 to 3 days after ordering.

Relevant Specs

  • The Model MA-8510 is a 3-inch by 9.7-inch appliance.
  • The total amount of coffee it holds after you add water into the filter is one cup, or 200 ML.
  • The included, in-built battery can be charged via USB, and the cable is included.
  • The unit is available in white, black and red.
  • It’s made of stainless steel and hard plastic.
  • The grinding burr is ceramic and conical.
  • Designed for use on-the-road, at the office, at home and on camping trips or hikes.

What’s In the Box?

The package includes three chambers: top, middle and bottom. The top chamber contains the grinding motor and the middle chamber houses the conical, ceramic burr grinder. The bottom chamber is simply a drinking cup for holding the finished product after you add water to the filter. The non-disposable filter is also included, as is a USB cable and an operating manual.

Why This Grinder Is a Good Buy

There’s plenty to like about this product, including the fact that it’s a sturdy, small appliance that not only runs on convenient battery power but comes with its own USB port for quick, convenient charging.

You get a choice of three attractive colors and weighs less than 1.5 pounds, which means you can toss it into your backpack or carry-on for flights, hikes or camping trips. Plus, it comes with everything you need in one package: a filter, USB cable, operations manual, a rubber cover and a ceramic burr.

Choosing your favorite grind coarseness for hot or cold brew preparation. The 3-inch by 9.7-inch size fits nicely onto any kitchen counter and is relatively quiet considering the excellent grinding job it does.

Unless you have a need to make large volumes of coffee for multiple guests every day, this little power-house of a unit gets the job done and does it very well.

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