EDASW 900n Italian Commercial Grinder Pegasus Semi Automatic Coffee


  • Professional Level: Professional coffee grinding tools to bring your coffee to a professional level.
  • Multiple Choices: There are black, red and silver colors you can choose to meet your needs.
  • Powerful Motor: High quality motor, more long-term work, more efficient grinding.
  • Full Function: Complete functional system, it is easy to learn and operate.
  • Large Capacity: 1.2KG beans can be kept, safe and healthy, it is convenient to meet the needs of a time.

The 900n Italian Commercial Grinder

When you are looking for a quality coffee grinder, you must step up to a professional model. The 900n Italian commercial coffee grinder is an excellent device for anyone who takes coffee seriously. You can learn about the device below, and you will see why each part of the grinder makes it a great addition to your kitchen.

The Materials

The aluminum body is strong and beautiful. The grinders are made from stainless steel, and the hardened grindstones make the perfect coffee grounds. You will enjoy this machine because it includes an electric motor, and you can adjust the size of the grind between uses.

Why Do You Need This Grinder?

You can set the grind size depending on what you think is best. You might want a fine grind when you are pouring coffee over a large filter. You can make a huge pot of coffee in the morning, and the coffee will taste better because the fine grind allows you to fill the reservoir easily.

You can use a larger grind when you are making espresso or using a French press. You can pour in as many beans as you want, and you can place your bag or can under the chute to catch your coffee grounds.

The Motor

The electric motor creates much less noise than other machines. You will not wake up the whole house when you need a cup of coffee, and you do not need to wear earplugs when you are getting your coffee ready. The 220V motor will spin at 1400 RPM to give you the coffee grounds you need, and you can be sure that all the beans have been processed. You will not find any latent bean parts or chunks in your coffee.

Easily Adjust The Machine

You can turn the chick at the base of the bean container to adjust the grind. This dial is easy to turn when you want to raise and lower the intensity of the grindstones. Plus, you can see what level you have reached when you check the dial. You can pour in your beans, turn the dial, and turn on the machine.

How Does The Coffee Come Out

There is a special powder container on the front of the machine that has an aluminum casing. You can see through the small openings to check the amount of coffee you have made. You can slide your bag or can under the container, and you can open the container easily. Some people need to get another bag or can, and you can leave the coffee in the container until you are ready.

The Power Switch

The power switch is on the side of the device, and it is easy to flip on and off. You can leave your hand on the machine to keep it steady, and you can easily switch off the machine when you are done. Plus, you can wrap up the power cable so that it does not spread across the counter. The light will shine when the device is running.


When you are looking for the best commercial coffee grinder, you can use the 900n because you need something that can process many beans at the same time. You can store this grinder in a cabinet when you are done working, and you can easily clean the container. You can remove the grindstones to clean them, and you can even replace them if you need to. Check the grind size when you get started, and ensure that you use the appropriate grind for each cup of coffee you want to make.

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