breville Oracle BES980xl



  • Automatically grinds, doses & tamps the required amount of Coffee for mess Free, barista Quality Espresso
  • Programmable hands Free milk texturing with automatic purge; Water tank Capacity : 84 ounce;Voltage: 110 to 120 Volts
  • Dual stainless steel boilers & dual Italian pumps with PID; Boilers can be descaled by user; Power:1800 Watts; Not compatible with capsules
  • One Touch Americano delivers Water directly into the cup after extraction; 3 preset & 6 customizable settings
  • Programmable shot temperature from 190 Degree 205 Degree; Displays in either Degree Fahrenheit or Degree C; over Pressure Valve: This commercial feature limits the 15 bar Italian pump pressure throughout the extraction, preventing bitter flavours in the shot; Bean Hopper Capacity:1/2 pounds


Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine


The Breville Oracle is one of the most advanced espresso machines on the market, offering incredible customization and precision in its coffee making. For those who like to use chemistry and recipes to get the perfect cup of coffee, this machine makes everything simple. The brushed stainless steel construction will last for years, and the technological engineering will blow your mind.

Perfect Grinding

When you’re making espresso, whole beans retain flavor better than coffee grounds. They have an aroma that you can’t get with staler already-ground coffee. But grinding your own coffee can be a pain. That’s why this machine grinds your coffee for you.

Not only is there an integrated grinder, but the grinder will automatically grind beans and measure out the right number of grams for a perfect cup of coffee. It will then automatically shift them over to be brewed, meaning that all you have to do is dump the beans in and wait. There’s no messy maneuvering or hassle with measuring cups necessary. Your kitchen counters and floors will thank you for all the coffee grounds they’re no longer housing.

Milk Texturing

The machine allows you to program the texture of your milk, including the exact foaminess and the temperature you want it to be. You end up with a silky and smooth froth that you can use to flavor your coffee, create latte art, and more!

As soon as the stainless steel arm finishes frothing the milk, it runs a rinse cycle to get rid of any residue, so you don’t have to worry about anything spoiling or growing inside your machine.


The machine is outfitted with two stainless steel boilers alongside two Italian pumps. Each of the pumps and boilers has precise temperature technology that allows you to program the coffee to sit within a certain temperature range for a certain length of time. No more bad-tasting espresso due to a minor temperature fluctuation!

The boilers can also be descaled by the user. One important note is that they aren’t compatible with capsules.

Preset Recipes and Modes

There are a number of different settings already built into the machine. If you’re not sure where to begin to create your perfect cup of coffee, choosing one of the presets won’t hurt! It lets the machine go through a previously programmed set of grinding and brewing rules to create an ideal cup of coffee.

The one touch Americano setting will add water to your cup right after an espresso shot is extracted from your grounds, giving you the perfect Americano coffee. There are also three other presets for different drinks, along with six customizable settings that can save your unique temperature and brewing preferences.

Display Information

The machine is built with a display that provides information about every step of the process. You have the option to program the shot temperature for anywhere from 190 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. If you prefer, you can also toggle the temperature reading to Celsius.

The display will let you know what the current temperature is. It will also let you know when your drink is brewing, when it’s done, and what presets and customized settings you can choose from.

Over Pressure Valve

For commercial use, the over pressure valve ensures that the machine doesn’t reach too-high pressures. This helps keep bitter flavors from entering the espresso. For baristas, that means you’ll always serve your customers the perfectly flavored cup of coffee. For at-home users, it means you never need to worry about making a face when you take your first sip of your morning drink.


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