Bodum Cork Cocktail Kit

Whether you’re a bartender or you have a bar at home that you often dabble in, the types of drink-making equipment you have can make a drastic difference in the quality of the drinks that you make. The equipment market for making drinks is extremely diverse, with each piece having the ability to make different drinks than the other. This can make finding the right kind of equipment difficult.

Cocktails are one of the most popular types of mixed drinks commonly produced in bars, clubs and even at homes all over the world. Cocktails are specifically classified as mixed drinks that contain multiple different combinations of spirits. Not only do these spirits have mixtures among themselves, but they can also be mixed with other ingredients to help you further customize your drinking experience. But what are you supposed to mix cocktail ingredients with, and how are you supposed to know which ingredients to add?

For your convenience, those of you that love to make cocktails are in luck. Cocktail kits are present all over the market, which come with the right elements to help make your cocktail-making experience easier. More specifically, the cocktail kit from Bodum is classified as one of the best pieces capable of making customized cocktail drinks on the market. Not only does it come with two different pieces, but both of these pieces come with accessories that allow you to make multiple different drinks at once.

Features and Speculations

The kit itself contains two pieces, each capable of measuring and concocting perfect spirit drinks. One of the pieces is larger than the other, allowing you to mix the spirits with the ingredients in the larger glass model. The larger model is capable of holding 68 ounces of liquid.

The smaller glass model features a smaller construction that has a spray nozzle on the top. This spray nozzle allows you to spray certain tastes onto the drink when it’s all finished. Not only does this give you the ability to add certain delicious final-touch flavors to your drink, but it also provides you with the ability to spray only as much substance as you’d like.

Not only are the different sizes of the pieces beneficial for your cocktail-making processes, but the two glasses are also produced from an extremely high quality and durable material. Both pieces feature a borosilicate glass that’s not only resistant to scratches and cracks, but they’re also dishwasher safe. That being said, you can thoroughly clean these dishes in the dishwasher without having to worry about damaging the glass itself.

Even more than that, each piece comes with cork tops as well as round bases that are also made with a cork material. The round bases are beneficial because you have the ability to set the glass pieces down onto the base without having to worry about the mixtures spilling. Additionally, all of the cork contained in this kit is 100% natural and produced with a sustainable material.

Product Benefits

Compared to other cocktail kits on the market, this set from Bodum is more affordable, even given the high quality materials that it’s produced with. Additionally, most other kits on the market only come with one glass piece that has multiple different accessories, while this kit comes with two different-sized pieces that come with various accessories to allow even more customization in the mixing of your cocktails.

Furthermore, this Bodum Cocktail Kit allows you to be more creative in your cocktail mixtures. The large, open 68-ounce design of the larger bottle gives you the ability to add multiple different concoctions at once, and the smaller bottle features a cork spray nozzle top that lets you spray certain flavors onto each drink for a finishing touch.

Overall, having a cocktail kit at home is extremely beneficial, since you have the ability to perfectly mix the right ingredients and spirits without making a mess in the serving glass. And this cocktail kit from Bodum provides you with all of the necessary components to start making your own drinks at home. Given all of these beneficial features, you’re recommended to purchase the Bodum Cork Cocktail Kit from the market.

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