Black Decker Cup at a Time Coffee Maker Model DCM



  • Easy – Fill Reservoir
  • Brews up to 12 oz directly into your favorite cup
  • Power On indicator light
  • Shuts of automatically


If you like coffee, you may be looking for a simple way to enjoy your favorite beverage each morning. Having a great coffee machine can make all the difference. If you want to get a new machine that works better for your needs, the Black Decker cup at a time coffee maker model dcm is a good option to consider. This is good quality, simple, single-cup brewing model. Not only is this a good coffee maker, but Black and Decker is a trusted brand that many peopler respect. Keep reading to see why so many people love this coffee machine:

One big reason people like this coffee machine model is because it’s easy to use. It requires no special skills and has no fancy features. You can easily plug the machine in and start using it right away without having to worry about setting it up or changing the settings. Have you ever struggled to adapt to a new appliance? If you’re someone who likes kitchen appliances that are simple to use, you’ll love this model. There are no bells and whistles.

If you enjoy drinking coffee, but don’t like wasting it by brewing too much at a time, choosing to buy a single-cup brewer is a smart bet. With the Black Decker cup at a time coffee maker model dcm, you can brew up to 12 ounces of coffee directly into your favorite mug. If you want to enjoy a second serving, just brew another cup. This way, you don’t make too much coffee. It’s a great purchase if you’re single or are the only coffee drinker at your house. Not everyone loves coffee and that’s okay.

Unlike some machines that utilize wasteful k-cup pods, this machine allows you to use regular coffee grounds to brew your coffee. This way, you’re not contributing to the landfills and are being kinder to our Earth. Plus, it’s easier and you won’t run out of k-cup pods.

Not only does this coffee maker help you waste less coffee, but it can also help you keep your cup of joe hot! Since you’re only brewing one cup at a time, you can actually sit and enjoy a piping hot brew without it being too cold. Every time you brew a new cup, you get to enjoy a hot drink.

This is a white, plastic coffee maker and the machine features a power-on indicator light so that you don’t accidentally leave your equipment running when it’s not in use. It also shuts off automatically, so your home will be safe when you accidentally leave it on when you leave the house. You can easily wipe the machine down when it needs to be cleaned.

Another thing to like about the Black Decker cup at a time coffee maker model dcm is it’s a compact model. Many of the other coffee maker options out there are bulky and they take up a lot of counter space. This is a good fit if you have a smaller apartment or home and don’t want to use up your precious counter space.

When was the last time you looked at coffee makers? If you’ve had the same one forever and you don’t love the functions that it has or its capabilities, it may be time to make an upgrade purchase. It can be a challenge to find the perfect single-cup coffee maker, but we’ve done the research for you and we recommend the Black Decker cup at a time coffee maker model dcm. If you’re ready to buy a new coffee maker and want a model that offers single-cup brewing, this is the machine for you!

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